Teachers, Students Share the Best Tips on How to Study for Finals


Ellie Williams

Emma Martin, sophomore, and Molly Howard, senior, study for finals.

With finals fast approaching, it is imperative that students are preparing enough so they will be ready to tackle these end-of-semester tests. 

Cramming for the final is not an effective study method in order to succeed. A study conducted in 2011 by Time Magazine revealed that students who cram typically only receive an average score on whatever assessment they are taking.

“There’s no way you could cram and learn something you didn’t already know,” agrees Mrs. Shah, an English 2H and 3AP teacher.

Students also agree not to cram. “I prepare by reviewing each subject for about 30-45 minutes per night, a couple of weeks before the tests,” says Nicola Setterdahl, senior.

The best study spots are different for everyone, but Ameritech.edu’s top tip for an ideal study space is to pick one space and stick with it. 

Even students prefer different places when studying. “The best study spot for me is in my room with the door closed, with my headphones on to block out any distractions,” says Colleen Shanahan, junior.

“I, personally, like to study at the Wheaton Public Library. It’s always quiet, and people are there to get work done,” says Setterdahl, senior.

The school library is also mindful of the stressful time finals can be. “Students looking for an extra quiet place can use our quiet reading room in the back of the library. And we provide peppermint candy canes since peppermint is a stress reliever,” says Mrs. Cerabona, head librarian.

Ellie Williams
The library is a great place to peacefully study for finals.

Many resources are available from teachers in preparation for finals. “I provide exemplars [of writing] so students can get a feel for what work they should produce,” says Mrs. Shah. 

“I would recommend looking through the study materials provided by teachers,” says Mr. Kotrba, social studies teacher.

“For [chemistry classes], a lot of resources are on Schoology,” says Mr. Kim, chemistry and physics teacher.

Coming in to meet with a teacher one-on-one is an extremely smart way to study and go over something you don’t know. According to KidsHealth.org, you can’t study effectively if you don’t know something, so coming in for help with a teacher is highly suggested,

“I would suggest coming in for help. It’s one of the best things you can do,” says Mr. Kim.

“If a student is struggling, I would give them the option of sitting down with a teacher,” says Mr. Kotrba, social studies teacher.

Overall, the best tips for studying for finals are to manage your time effectively, use the resources provided by teachers to their fullest potential, and do not cram for finals.