‘Nevertheless, THEY Persisted’: Photos from the Chicago Women’s March 2020


A favorite composition of mine, “Men of quality do not fear equality!” A strong saying coming from many men who attended, the true meaning of feminism can be perceived through the event’s representative assembly.

On Saturday, January 18, the temperatures plummeted way below freezing. Yet, thousands of women, men, and individuals of all ages came together, to the streets, in Chicago’s annual Women’s March. This year featured cold weather but high spirits as thousands walked from Grant Park to the Trump tower through the busy streets of Chicago that were temporarily blocked for the protest and rally. 

I had the honor of attending with my friend and junior here at West, Lilly Mullenax. Here are some photos I took while amongst the many people who braved the cold to march for equality, feminism, healthcare, climate change, among other contested issues.