The Bad, The Worse, and The Ugly: Why we need to appreciate chunky FILAs & platform Crocs

It’s 2020. Fashion has seen almost everything hit the runway. Whether you like it or not, that also means bringing back a childhood favorite, the Croc, and turning it into a platform. Additionally, that also means a chunky, grandpa-shoe that all teenage girls age 13-18 have worn at some time. And yes, they can still be fashionable. 

Want to look like your grandpa? Or, would you rather be strutting down the runway in a childhood favorite? It all depends on how much you’re willing to spend: $65 or a few hundred bucks. You take your pick. Well, these two options, the FILA “Disruptor” and the Balenciaga embellished Platform Croc are some of the most controversial, contested, and sometimes disgusted shoes on the market (the Crocs have sold old, but a restock is coming). Yet, are these shoes all that ugly? Or, are they just merely underappreciated? 

The Balenciaga Platform Croc first hit the spotlight at Paris Fashion Week in 2017. To much surprise, the crocs sold out at Barney’s before they even hit the shelves. Twitter went ramped, and people were obviously appalled by the ungodly tweets about how Balenciaga, for the first time ever, did their consumers dirty. 

Likewise, the “Chunky Fila” has become a trademark among the youth, but is still blasphemed regularly. It has even gone as far as to become a meme across Twitter as well. People went ballistic and deemed the FILA disruptor a shoe of shame and humor. 

Well, looks might be deceiving for these shoes. Possibly, giving the shoes a nod of approval can be achieved by going past face value. 

I am not ashamed to say that I myself purchased a pair of these chunky shoes back in the later part of 2018. Why not? As the first chunky pair of shoes I’d ever had, the sensation of walking on clouds was the only comparison that came to mind.

Moreover, they go with pretty much anything. They aren’t too loud, they slide in nicely with a monochromatic or hyper vibrant ensemble. Minus the squeaky sound they make when one walks from their car parked by Lake Ellyn to the main building on a snowy day and melted slush lines the soles, they aren’t half bad! (Not to mention, Urban Outfitters had a HUGE sale when I got them for half off! Double yay!) 

Likewise, why are we all hating the BALENCIAGA crocs? I mean, first, BALENCIAGA. It’s not like everything they have ever produced has been adored and given the sign of approval at first glance. Maybe these shoes need some warming up to. 

Platform shoes are in! Everyone is loving the chunk! There is no more room for basic Sperry’s or Nike trainers. That is so 2010s! It’s 2020! Balenciaga is making shoes for the future and it is high time we start embracing it. 

However, looking to the past, we need not forget that Lizzie McGuire sported a similar platform shoe back in the day. Are we really going to bash a style icon such as McGuire by bashing Balenciaga in the process? The answer is no, no we are not. 

So, although the internet trolls can keep tweeting, I will be happy to wear my chunky FILAs for the fourth day in a row proudly (and if Balenciaga wants to send me some crocs, I’ll wear them anytime!).