Even more things to do if you’re bored at home

Are you bored during quarantine? Sitting around all day watching the time fly by? Well, I got you. Not being able to go outside for a long time and being stuck at home can get really boring. And just being able to do online schooling almost all the time and keeping up with the load of assignments can become frustrating. 

There are many productive things everyone can continue doing, or even start doing, during quarantine. For instance, start bullet journaling about your life during this lockdown to have a creative recollection of these times; be creative with your ideas!

Read books that you always wanted to read. I know it may sound a little boring, but reading is the fastest way to build vocabulary. It’ll help you in the long run.

Cleaning and redecorating is also another productive thing to do; clean out junk drawers, organize your clothes, plan outfits, or just redecorate your room a little bit.

Don’t stress out during this time, and if you are getting stressed, meditation or yoga helps tremendously. Lay down on the floor, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing. Do yoga moves or workout for at least 20 minutes.

Write down a to-do list of all the things you want to get done that day and go in order, it can improve your productivity. Make small bucket lists of things that you can get done during this time, for example: taking a walk outside, working out, playing board games with your family, etc.

Speaking of board games, this is the perfect time to get those board games out of your closet and start playing them with your family! This will show your gratitude and importance towards your family, and you will make long-lasting memories.

In general, during this time we all have a ton of time to look after ourselves or do something that will cure our boredom. Do your nails, have a movie night, and watch all the movies you have not watched, and don’t forget to get snacks and finish all the munchies.

FaceTime or Zoom call your friends and do a virtual scavenger hunt. All you have to do is to give a word or phrase that would describe a thing and your friends have to find that object around their house (this is one of my personal favorites).

You can do anything as small as just drawing something, painting, writing poems, or writing a story with your family. Whatever you do, be appreciative of the time you have right now before you regret it. We all can get through this, and it’s not hard just to have hope and unite with each other during this time.

Stay home and cure your boredom not only with something fun but something productive as well. Don’t forget to capture each moment.