West Welcomes New Staff Members for the 2020-2021 School Year: Tanya Campos

Tanya Campos is the new school nurse at West. She works among another nurse and health aid, taking care of any health concerns or needs. Ms. Campos cannot “wait to get to know all the students, staff, and families within the West community.” She has always been interested in nursing. During high school, Ms. Campos thoroughly enjoyed all her science and health teachers classes, particularly AP Biology. She “always [looks] back with fond memories of that whole experience” that sparked her career goal. Ms. Campos graduated from Chamberlain University, receiving a bachelor’s degree in nursing. There, she was able to spend months shadowing a school nurse, finalizing her decision to become one. After graduation, Ms. Campos worked in a rehabilitation unit in Elmhurst and, then, when offered, accepted a substitute nurse position within District 87 and other nearby districts. Ultimately, Ms. Campos has made “the right decision pursuing school nursing, and an even better decision with becoming part of the West family.” Despite this transition being overwhelming during a pandemic, Ms. Campos is willing to seize this opportunity: “it is exactly the right time and the right place to really make a difference, (…) an opportunity to not only teach health promotion and safety, but to continue [her] own personal development.” While we all become adjusted to these conditions, Ms. Campos “looks forward to assisting in any way [she] can to help provide safety and security for the West families.”