West Welcomes New Staff Members for the 2020-2021 School Year: Christina Medina

Michelle Bishka, Co-Editor-In-Chief

Christina Medina is a new worker in the Attendance Office. Ms. Medina answers any calls related to student attendance and is responsible for entering a student’s attendance status in the computer. Although she was not particularly looking for this exact position, Ms. Medina was always interested in working in a school environment, and “it helped that some of [her] kids attended Glenbard” as well. Ms. Medina pursued this in college, specializing in human services at Morton College and University of Phoenix. Before West, Ms. Medina worked as a secretary in one of the offices in the Special Education Department in Glenbard South. Her tasks at South mostly consisted of working on specific students, like filing and sending their information to their parents. Ms. Medina enjoys that her job is people-focused and she loves to be “around all the students.” Unfortunately, this cannot happen while we are fully remote, but Ms. Medina is treating such circumstances as a learning opportunity.