Coping with COVID


Journaling really helped me cope with my COVID experience.

No one wants to receive news of a loved one contracting Covid-19, especially when having been in close proximity to him/her. My immediate family and I booked appointments to get tested as soon as we got word that my cousin was positive and then anxiously waited for our results to arrive. After 5 long days, we finally found that my younger siblings were negative, so I assumed I was too as I did not have any symptoms. I was really worried about my parents, though, as they had both been feeling quite sick. As their eldest child, I felt obligated to step up as our family’s main caregiver. However, this was soon cut short when we found out I was unfortunately positive too.

Prior to testing positive, I foolishly thought I was safe from getting COVID. It was hard for me to believe it at first. Then it dawned on me that this was in fact really happening, and I broke down crying. My dad reminded me that I was asymptomatic, and I would be okay. I then began my grueling period of isolation.

It has only been a month, but the whole experience feels like a big blur. I did not know how to tell my friends about my health. I did not want to worry them at all or deal with any questions. Meanwhile, I had to keep up with school and my daily obligations. Surprisingly, I was able to manage that much. The hardest part was distancing myself from everyone and not being able to even hug my family members. My six-year-old little sister, who is very affectionate, was especially saddened by our circumstances. One thing that helped me cope with all this was journaling regularly. This helped me recognize my blessings and be more grateful for my health. 

Even though I was isolated, I did not feel alone. There were other relatives that had also been hit by the virus. We all tried to virtually give each other moral support. We also received a lot of love and care from our community and other family members. People kept dropping off an endless supply of delicious food and treats at our doorstep. We felt spoiled and truly loved. Once my quarantine ended, I then informed my friends of what had happened, and they were all wonderfully understanding and supportive. 

It is so important to stay vigilant during this pandemic. We may not be able to gather together or hug and kiss our loved ones for now. Alternatively, we can show our love and care by wearing a mask, social distancing, and utilizing technology this holiday season!