Bird photography, other solo hobbies you can try

As we all know, due to COVID-19, large social activities have become increasingly rare and many of us are spending more time alone than ever before. Finding ways to entertain yourself can be challenging, especially when many public attractions and activities are closed. As unfortunate as this may seem, now is a great time to pick up a new hobby!

Jaime Kurtz, an associate professor of psychology at James Madison University, writes that hobbies not only help structure our time better, but, “promote flow… encourage efficiency… and add richness to your self-concept,” which is exceptionally valuable in the midst of this pandemic. If you find yourself feeling lonely, bored, or like these days are becoming painfully repetitive, think about picking up one of these solo hobbies to shake up your daily routine!

Bird Photography

Spring is rolling around again, and with it comes more sunshine, warmer temperatures, and the return of birds! Bird photography is a lesser-known hobby but getting fresh air and seeing the shot you captured easily makes it worthwhile. It’s important to note you don’t need to be a great photographer, have an expensive camera, or know different exotic avian species to have fun photographing birds. If you’re enjoying yourself, taking a poor-quality cellphone photo of a robin in your backyard can count. As long as you have “the four Ps” (patience, perseverance, practice and passion) your skills will improve, and you’ll have some fun shots to show your friends!

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Studies have found that “horticultural therapy,” or gardening, can “reduce anxiety and depression, improve attention, lower stress levels, and increase overall life satisfaction.”

If you’re feeling like your days are stagnant and dull, this is a great choice for you. Now is also a great time to pick up the hobby, as everyone is home more often and has the time to nurture and care for their plants. Pay attention to the path of the sunlight in your yard, the amount of water you get, and the quality of your soil to be sure your garden is placed in the right area. Then, decide which plants you want to grow, and purchase seeds/starter plants to begin your new hobby! With the option to start a flower bed, fruit/vegetable garden, or grow native plants to feed bees and butterflies, there’s a lot of freedom to gardening, but all kinds will require care, and can be extremely rewarding.

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Ever dreamed about making your own clothes, or customizing that one sweatshirt you love? Embroidery makes it entirely possible! Embroidery is the art of stitching onto fabrics with thick yarn to make a pattern, draw a picture, or spell words. While that description may conjure images of little yarn patterns in embroidery hoops hung on walls, recently embroidery has taken a turn for the trendier. With just a little practice, an embroidery hoop, threat and some needles, you can embellish a sweater you think is too plain, or revamp jeans you stopped wearing a few months ago. Not only will embroidery leave you with a beautiful piece of artwork, it’ll keep you occupied for several hours as well as improve your finger dexterity. Pick up this hobby to spend your time in a productive way, and wait for the questions “where’d you get that?” and “you made that?” to start rolling in. 

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