West welcomes new staff members for the 2020-2021 school year: Pete Baker

Pete Baker, a Glenbard West graduate himself, is a new dean at Glenbard West. He graduated West in 2000 and “had an amazing experience as a student here” because of the staff that “had a profound influence on [his] life.”

As a graduate, Mr. Baker joined the army, which sparked his interest in history “to gain a better understanding of what [he] was doing.” As he finished with his enlistment, Mr. Baker “wanted to continue a path of service” and “volunteered as a coach.”  At that moment, he “knew that [he] wanted to be involved in education for the rest of [his] life.”

Mr. Baker went to the University of Illinois at Chicago, receiving an undergraduate degree in the Teaching of History. Afterwards, he went to Aurora University to complete his master’s degree in a Principal Endorsement Program. Before returning here, Mr. Baker was a history teacher, wrestling and football coach, and dean at West Aurora High School during his eight years on their staff.

As a dean, Mr. Baker is eager to help students “improve […] grades and attendance” and “navigate through difficult situations.” Despite the current challenges that the pandemic presents, Mr. Baker sees that “everybody is in it together!”