West welcomes new staff members for the 2020-2021 school year: Tim Doyle

Tim Doyle is a new math teacher at West. Here, he is teaching Algebra II, Geometry with Trigonometry, and Advanced Math Applications classes. He is also teaching a section of Algebra I at Glenbard East.

Mr. Doyle has always seen math as his “favorite and strongest subject.” He enjoys “helping students develop logical thinking and problem solving skills” from math. He went to Illinois State University and received a degree in Secondary Math Education.

Although he always knew about his passion for math, Mr. Doyle found his interest in teaching far later in life, after “the impact that [his] own high school teachers had on [him].” They were “the highlight of [his] day,” and he “felt their support all throughout [his] four years [of] high school.” Like his own teachers, Mr. Doyle wants “to be that teacher that students know cares about them, wants to help them succeed, and makes a positive impact on their lives.”