Glenbard Parent Series Hosts Wes Moore


Glenbard Parent Series Hosts Wes Moore

High school students pride themselves on being involved and also believe that everyone has the resources to succeed. But what exactly are the factors of success?

This month, the Glenbard Parent Series (GPS) hosted a virtual event featuring bestselling author Wes Moore of the book, The Other Wes Moore, to talk to about this. The Glenbard Parent Series is an organization dedicated to navigating healthy families by inviting experts, parents, and school staff to benefit the Glenbard community. Moore’s talk teaches how to help his audience themselves and others achieve success. 

Moore begins by laughingly allowing his son to say hello, before graciously thanking the participants for being there and reading his book. He does not hold anything back and speaks with thoughtfulness and clarity. 

“There are Wes Moores in our schools and homes, one decision away from changing directions,” says Moore. He goes on to break down the title of his book, saying, “The most important part of the title is “The Other”. Our society is full of ‘others.’” He advises the Glenbard community to be aware of those whose circumstances may push them the wrong path of life, and to use what they have learned from his book to reach out to them.

Students of Glenbard West can be part of this change by being more inviting to all people. Moore informs that “[For] each and every one of us, it’s our job to be part of societal responsibility.” To advance as a society, reaching out to bring the community together is a necessity. He understands that the search for success for those without proper support is not easy, comparing it to climbing a steep hill. However, he offers comfort in that there are people willing to fight for others that are waiting to be found. 

He offers the reminder that victory is much easier said than done, saying that “Success is a mindset you have to adopt.” Instead of treating them as a distant goal, make accomplishments an immediate fact mentally. Moore continues to explain that “There’s a direct correlation between those who put in the work and those who succeed.”

“Take the shot even if you don’t make it the first time,” Moore advises. “Some of the best decisions I’ve had have been made in faith.” 

Achievements, socially and academically, may not come immediately. Take Moore’s advice to make an effort to attain goals by reaching out and having faith. He is confident that with the right mindset and combined efforts, one day social inequities can be vanquished everywhere.