The Write Place to Write


Freshmen working on their Alchemist essays. Photo credits: Kim Gwizdala, English Dept. Head.

As a student at Glenbard West, you were most likely required by your freshman year English teacher to visit The Write Place. There, you worked with helpful upperclassmen on your very first high school essay. Though some teachers require their students to visit The Write Place, feel free to stop by and improve your writing skills whenever you need.

The Write Place, otherwise known as the English Resource Room, is located in room 400. While it is connected to the English Department Office, students may work on assignments for any class that involve writing. Glenbard West’s new Write Place Coordinator, Mrs. Carnahan simply puts it this way: “It’s for anything written at all.”

Likewise, The Write Place is for students in any grade, freshmen through seniors. Many seniors visited The Write Place to work on their college essays, and Mrs. Carnahan hopes that seniors will continue to come in and work on their essays for scholarships.

Students may choose to use the space to work on their writing by themselves or meet with a tutor. Mrs. Carnahan said, “[she] [would] be happy to look over anything” as well. If you prefer to type on a computer, you may come to The Write Place and use a Mac. There is also a printer for any and all necessary writing printouts.

To make an appointment at The Write Place, you can walk right in, and Mrs. Carnahan will pair you with a tutor. However, it is best to use the online appointment scheduler to ensure that a tutor will look over your work before it is due. You will be asked to pick a date, class period, and you may request to work with a specific tutor (students often request a tutor they found helpful while working on a previous assignment). The appointment scheduler can also be found on The Write Place Schoology page (Code: GZ28D-WVHHK) and there are QR codes in English classrooms to make an appointment. Do not hesitate to reach out to your English teacher or Mrs. Carnahan ([email protected]) if you have any questions.

It is highly recommended that you visit The Write Place to improve your writing skills and work on your assignments. Mrs. Carnahan often tells students, “if we find any mistakes or things that we see as needing corrections you don’t lose any points for it.” Tutors help students strengthen various writing skills, such as integrating quotes, solving grammatical errors, and strengthening thesis statements. Finally, Mrs.Carnahan noted that it is truly worthwhile for another set of eyes to look over your writing. After all, even “professional writers have editors.”