Top 9 Places to Sit in Glenbard West

At some point, everybody has taken a seat somewhere on campus and thought to themselves, “I wonder if there’s a better place to sit around here.” Well, no need to wonder anymore. Read on to find out where the best and worst places to sit in Glenbard West are.


8. The Saveanu Chair:

Ethan Parab

Located in the Write Place, this is the chair one of our advisers sits in during our meetings. The comfort and stability it provides is mediocre to slightly above average at best, but the person sitting in it always seems disappointed when we share our article ideas. We assume it’s an issue with the chair.


7. The Gamer Chair:

Ashton Edakkunnathu

This chair is every gamer boy’s dream. I mean, I can see why. Nice support of the back, perfectly placed arm rests with perfect comfort, and lets not forget two controllers on either side, making it perfect for games that mimic dogfighting, mech operations, or even driving a train! This chair is perfect for students who just want a break from their class and pretend they are playing video games. If you have a free period, we recommend you try this seat out. The only hitch is that this chair isn’t actually on the Glenbard West campus.


6. The Rock:

Ethan Parab

I had no idea we had a celebrity at our school! Oh wait, it’s just a rock. Well, either way, this rock provides an incredible view while maintaining its comfort as well as sticking to the Glenbard West colors, making it perfect to show off your school spirit. And yes, it is a rock, but read the title again. We never said we were sticking to chairs.


5. The Drinking Fountain:

Ethan Parab

It’s not really comfortable, it’s not really stable, but at least it offers a great view and is situated in the heart of Glenbard West. It’s not really a seat, but it looks kind of like a chair, which is more than we can say about a lot of the entries on this list.


4. The Lamp Post:

Ethan Parab

This pole is perfect for sitting next too. The metal against your back is a perfect cooling agent in the winter and it doubles in the summer as a heater. However, there is a downside to this sitting spot. As seen in the photo, you would get a parking ticket. Don’t worry. We won’t tell.


3. [Ethan, make sure to find our third placer seating – Ashton]

Ethan Parab


2. The Bench:

Ethan Parab

This seat is a pretty close second to the Saveanu Chair. I mean, isn’t it obvious? Who wouldn’t want a seat that they can consume like a slushie in a moment’s time? Just add a few drops of your preferred flavoring and you got yourself a snack for the day. What’s convenient about this sitting place is that, unlike the Saveanu Chair, this seat is outside, so it is perfect for easy access in school, as well as when it’s outside of school hours.


1. The Saveanu Chair:

Ethan Parab

This seat is one of the most coveted spots in the school, as the person sitting in it at the right time gets to hear all of our fantastic article ideas. They’re fantastic, right? Blink once for yes, publish this article for no.