Congratulations to Mr. Kruk on his retirement!


Mr. Daniel Kruk

Mr. Daniel Kruk is an employee here at Glenbard West, retiring this year after working here since August 2016. 

Mr. Kruk has worked in departments here at Glenbard West. He has worked in the testing center, set up audio and video equipment in the library, as well as in the auditorium and MURC. He has also worked in study halls, filling in as necessary. 

Mr. Kruk says he has enjoyed his time working here, . He says that his job has been challenging at times, because he had to troubleshoot with defective equipment and sometimes people need things done at the last minute.

He says that working with people here at Glenbard has been a pleasure, and he will miss the people here a lot. His fondest memory in his time here is the thanks and appreciation he always got from a job well done, coming from many different people in different departments. 

Congratulations to Mr. Kruk, Glenbard West appreciates the hard work and effort he has put into making our school great, we will miss him!