Congratulations to Ms. Kaminsky


Ms. Mary Kaminsky

Ms. Kaminsky has been a teacher at Glenbard West since 1989. She is a Health co-teacher, and teaches special education English, Health and Study Methods. Ms. Kaminsky has adored her time here, and she has “had many different jobs over the past 33 1/2 years at West.” One thing that she has learned from the tight-knit environment of West is “what a wonderful place this is to work.” She fondly remembers the relationships she has “made with students and staff,” and takes pride in West’s ability to combine “new ideas to address our students’ needs.”

The inclusion that Hilltoppers have to offer makes Glenbard West “a very special place to work” for students and staff alike! We are so grateful for Ms. Kaminsky’s contributions to the school in her time here and we will miss her!