Mr. Saveanu reflects on his first year at Glenbard West!


Mr. Saveanu is the newest coordinator of our wonderful Newspaper- The Glen Bard! He is also an English teacher who teaches Freshman English and AP Lang. Before joining the amazing English department at West last summer, he taught at Oak Park and River Forest High School. His favorite part about teaching is getting to work with creative and bright students each day. Other than the students, he loves the energy and his fellow English teachers who always push him to improve and best help the kids!

 According to Mr. Saveanu, the best part of being an English teacher is the creativity in the classroom- “I’m always blown away by the cleverness and ingenuity of my students, whether it’s in a journal, a class discussion, or some kind of creative project”. As the wonderful advisor of our amazing school newspaper, he loves interacting with students who have an interest in sharing the truth, and their unique voices. The Glen Bard – the newspaper- is full of creative voices and diverse topics ranging from student opinions on mask mandates to why Mr. Saveanu’s chair in the Write Place is the best and also the worst one. Under his and Ms. Zayas’ careful supervision and constant motivation, our newspaper is growing better with every new edition. Check out the Glen Bard to read more articles!

Mr. Saveanu earned his bachelor’s degree English and Education from UIUC, where he transferred after attending Parkland College, a community college in Champaign. When asked if he would recommend it to college-bound students, he said that “I’m a huge advocate for attending community college and saving money while benefiting from the smaller class sizes!” So it’s definitely worth it according to him. Growing up, he wasn’t very sure about what he wanted to be, he just knew that he wanted to help people in some way. He got introduced to the teaching profession when he was in high school and would stay after class and talk about The Great Gatsby and Jean-Paul Sartre with his teachers. His teachers taught him that his perspective was unique and he was capable of doing anything. This sparked him into wanting to provide future students with the same feeling- “of being more than enough for whatever they strive to be”.

Mr. Saveanu is constantly working to continue growing the newspaper and give students more opportunities to express themselves through their stories. Everyone is welcome to be a part of the team so if interested for next year, contact the Glen Bard advisors. In the upcoming academic year, Mr. Saveanu is looking forward to welcoming more creative minds in his classroom and improving his crafts as a teacher. He loves his job and is definitely going to be the one teacher you’ll miss long after you exit his class. One last parting advice that he wants the readers to leave with is, that “high school is a time of discovery. Don’t be afraid to join new clubs, or try new classes – you never know what conversation is going to spark you into the job of your dreams!” Taking it from his own experience!