West Centennial Bonfire: What It Is and What to Expect


Homecoming bonfire from 1965. Picture courtesy of Pinnacle, Glenbard West’s yearbook.

Throughout the building, school spirit is bursting at the seams. With Homecoming rolling around the corner, people are dressing for themed dress week, rushing to buy tickets, stressing what to wear, and, of course, are excited for one of West’s most popular and historic events: the Homecoming Pep Rally and Bonfire.

The Homecoming Pep Rally is no normal pep rally with groups such as the cheerleaders, Steppers, and dance team having performed along with a multitude of activities that truly immerse everyone in West culture. These events are typically followed by the announcement of the Homecoming Courts– something that never fails to hype people up– and ends with one of the most special events at West: the Bonfire.

The Homecoming Bonfire is when a group of Seniors (known as Woodchucks) light a huge bonfire on Dushon Field, sometimes towering up to 10 feet tall. According to one Woodchuck, Musa Ajmeri, these are the events “that give the students amazing memories.” While the Bonfire doesn’t have as many fast-paced events or performances like the Pep Rally does, it still holds just as much spirit for the school, with Dushon holding many kids who came after the Pep Rally, which truly gives the Bonfire its special meaning.

While the bonfire is typically around 10 feet, “[the] bonfire this year is going to be a bit bigger than last year’s” with the centennial celebrations occurring throughout the year.

The Pep Rally starts at 6pm on Friday the 23rd, while the Bonfire starts at 8pm.