Are you hearing All That Jazz?


Image of Chicago rehearsal. Photo provided by Alexa Dutca.

Taking place April 20th through the 22nd, Glenbard West Theatre is performing the iconic production, Chicago, by famous playwright, Maurine Dallas Watkins. Ranked the second longest-running show to play in Broadway history, the Chicago Musical introduces a classic jazz 1920’s based product into the theatrics realm. The original synopsis of Chicago follows a twisted, unusual pair of “murderesses” who are put in the Chicago Cook County Jail. Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly, who have both committed irreversible crimes, direct the audience through an entertainingly comical, quirky, and lesson-learned adventure when climbing their way up to 1920s fame by corrupt law. Roxie Hart, as played by junior, Alexa Dutca, wants to “have the life she’s been dreaming of and will do whatever it takes to get that”, making it an undeniably fun show as characterized by Dutca. 

Student director, Sienna Heintz, takes an advanced position in the production and categorizes herself as the “second opinion of the scene”. Dutca specifies that Heintz is always there to talk and is “dedicated to making the show better”. Being thrilled to share her and her cast’s theatrical abilities, Heintz recognizes that there are a couple of scenes that induce “vulnerability” and intense emotion, which may be difficult to portray to a younger audience. Though, Heintz expresses her pride towards the cast by stating that they do “phenomenal jobs being emotional” in said scenes despite the circumstance. Behind the curtains, Dutca discloses that Glenbard West’s stage life is both “exciting and unexpected” with the approaching performance before them. With about two weeks to showtime, Ducta informs of the undeniably strong collaboration between the tech team and actors when “combining ideas” and preparing for the performance. Due to the persistent talent in the community, you can expect to watch a dazzling show brought to you by Glenbard West Theatre.