Congratulations to Mr. Medic on His Retirement!


Photo taken by Francesca Di Domenico

After 20 years at Glenbard West, Mr. Medic will be retiring this year. He has taught all three levels of Physics, and has spent time working with students outside of the classroom as a part of Theatre, Dice it Up Games Club, and Science Olympiad.

Before becoming a teacher, Mr. Medic spent 14 years working as an IT networking specialist. His wife always told him that he would be a great teacher. Ever since Mr. Medic decided to become a teacher, he has taught at Glenbard West, including his student teaching.

Mr. Medic remembers working with “highly motivated” and “enthusiastic” students at Glenbard West. Most importantly, Mr. Medic says that being a teacher taught him that “the world is a wider place than [he] imagined growing up.” He believes that “you are forced as a teacher to look at the world through other people’s eyes,” which allows you to avoid “tunnel vision.”

For students heading off to college, Mr. Medic suggests “tak[ing] Gen Ed classes” and “see[ing] what is out there.” He also assures them that it is completely fine if they don’t know what career they want yet—“it is unfair of us to expect a 17 year old to know what in the world they want to do with the rest of their life.”

Mr. Medic plans to spend time traveling during retirement. He is also a professional photographer and hopes to make time for photography. Additionally, Mr. Medic plans to stay on as Theatre Tech Director for a few years. We would like to congratulate Mr. Medic on his years as a teacher, and we hope he has a great retirement!