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West Welcomes New Math Teacher, Mrs. Wilcox!


Introducing the newly hired Mrs. Hailey Wilcox, an algebra teacher with a passion for teaching and learning! Beneath the main floor, you’ll find Room 217, where her door is open to anyone, whether it’s a student seeking answers or fellow faculty members.

When asked to share her most memorable high school moments, Mrs. Wilcox tells us of her high school tennis team. She shares how she came to consider this tennis team family, showcasing the remarkable development of school relationships and the ultimate effect these relationships have on our everyday lives.

Furthermore, Mrs. Wilcox fondly expresses how she has felt a strong sense of belonging during her time at Glenbard West, speaking passionately about her deep admiration for the school’s rich traditions and vibrant culture.

As humans, we are no strangers to feedback, be it positive or negative. This applies to Mrs. Wilcox as well, who mentions that she receives feedback from her students and strives to “incorporate the improvement into [her] teaching.” She doesn’t perceive it as an attack on her personal abilities but as an opportunity to enhance her teaching for the benefit of her students.

It is a known fact that highschool is an extremely stressful time in life, with various tests and worries about the future. Luckily, Mrs. Wilcox has given us some of her advice on how to cope with that stress, advising us to schedule time not only for assignments but for ourselves. Emphasizing the importance of focusing on our livelihood outside of class.

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