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Quality Time With Tiny Humans

Child Development: A Break From Your Day!
Art created by Narwa Shaik.

Child Development is one of the many fun elective courses offered at Glenbard West, under the family and consumer science department. This class allows students to learn how to interact and care for young kids, ranging from ages 3-5 years old. This class can also open doors to students who have a passion for teaching or allow students to discover their love for teaching. It’s a great class to meet people and bond with some of the children from the Glen Ellen community. Not only does one build relationships in child development, but they also learn the inner workings of the human brain to understand children on a deeper level and understand why they do certain things.

There are different roles in this class that students participate in such as Teachers Aid, Helper, Observer, and Assignments. Teachers Aid is essentially what it sounds like, they help the teacher entertain and interact with the children. The Helpers set up activities such as setting out crafting supplies at the Crafting Corner, laying out books at the Reading Garden, and supplying costumes for the Dress Up Corner. Helpers also set up and serve snacks for the kids. Observations and Assignments require the students to fill out examples of ways the students relate to the physiological theories learned in the class. The very few moments in the class that aren’t filled with fun and action with the kids are extremely educational, not just for the children’s minds, but for teenager and adult minds as well.  

The first few weeks of class is when GBW students learn about the classroom, how to interact with the preschoolers and what to do or say when certain situations arise. After these few weeks the preschoolers arrive at Castle Preschool. Students always enjoy the class and spending time with the preschoolers way more than they expected to. 

A freshman known as Aleksandra Czepiel who is taking child development  was interviewed and asked questions about her time in the class so far. She described the class to be a  “break from her day,” and that she “look[s] forward to that class”. She also said enthusiastically that it’s her “favorite and best class” on her schedule. Not only is it fun to let yourself be a preschooler again and play with Playdough with some adorable children but the class also forces students to put themselves out there and be confident. 

Most of the students at Glenbard West enjoy taking this class, the main teacher, Mrs. Skidmore, enjoys teaching it as well. From the first day of class to the final dismissal bell, she enjoys seeing growth in all aspects of her students. She describes the “variety of ages to be the nicest things about the class, you experience the best of both worlds.”  An average classroom setting that is displayed in other classes can make students feel slightly overwhelmed or bored at times. In Child Development the teacher and Glenbard West students get to talk and interact with little humans who are a different age and have a different mindset. Mrs. Skidmore stated that her favorite part of the job is that you “always have a smile on your face when you see little kids; can’t help but be happy and smile when you see kids. I see students who have stressful schedules and this is a nice break where they can breathe and not be on an iPad.”

Many people who are associated with the class say it is the most unique and fun class offered at West. It is beneficial for the community of Glen Ellyn because it allows busy parents to drop off their toddlers at Castle Preschool so they can be taken care of in a trustworthy environment and interact with their peers. The class allows students to gain a different perspective about toddlers and kids. It’s nice because sometimes West students need a break from their iPads and screens. Many people recommend this unique class so students can learn and discover more about themselves and the world around them. 


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