Top 3 Movies of the Summer

Top 3 Movies of the Summer

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Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road is a post-apocalyptic action movie with an emphasis on survival. Following massive wars over dwindling fuel, the human population has been reduced to small groups battling for the remaining resources. The film centers around Max Rockatansky, a lone warrior haunted by the loss of his wife and child. Following his capture at the hands of the local cult-leader, Immortan Joe and his army of warboys, Max is forced to endure the difficulties of being held prisoner. Following the betrayal of one of Immortan Joe’s trusted leaders, Max is thrust into a situation he wants no part of, but must choose a side if he wishes to survive. The film is the fourth entry in the franchise, and received highly favorable reviews, earning an 89% from Metacritic and 97% from Rotten Tomatoes.

“It’s a movie with great special effects and visual storytelling,” says Shayne Burns, junior.

What is unique about this film is that all stunts involving vehicles were performed on set, not a single one was created through the use of computer generated images (CGI), and because of this over 40 cars were destroyed during the filming of Mad Max:Fury Road. The film earned roughly $16 million on its first day in theaters, and has overall earned almost $375 million.

Jurassic World

Jurassic World follows the events of the franchise’s previous movies, in which the original park has been abandoned following a series of dinosaur outbreaks. Now, the titular park, Jurassic World, has been successfully launched to the public. The film consists of two plot lines, one being two brothers attending the resort, Gray and Zach Mitchell, as they visit their Aunt Claire, the manager of operations for the park. On the other hand, viewers are shown another aspect of the park through the eyes of various staff members, including Claire. While the brothers’ view conveys a personal and emotional story, the alternate plotline offers a darker view of the park, as well as those in charge. Increasing demands for newer and more intriguing exhibits result in a new biologically engineered dinosaur, known as the Indominus Rex, who is the product of various species mixed to create a more ferocious and appealing beast meant to greatly increase park revenue. Things take a turn for the worse following the Indominus Rex’s escape, as order crumbles throughout the park while the dinosaur wreaks havoc upon the tourists. As the movie progresses, the Indominus Rex exemplifies the horrors that mankind can engineer while questioning the boundaries of creation.


“It was a lot like Jurassic Park,” said Justin Debs, junior, which he followed by expressing general satisfaction over the film.

In terms of general reception, Jurassic World was given a 7.3/10 on IMDb as well as 71% on Rotten Tomatoes. Earning $524.4 million in the first weekend, it also became the highest grossing film for an opening week release.

Inside Out

Set inside the mind of a young girl, Riley, her five primary emotions are personified into physical characters. After moving to San Francisco, she begins to struggle with the massive and difficult changes in her life, which is then reflected in her mind as the emotions struggling to help her along. Also, the emotions encroach upon each other’s responsibilities, which creates repercussions in Riley’s life. Riley reflects the inner turmoil occurring in her mind as the emotions attempt to control each other. As the film advances, the emotions learn what it takes to successfully manage a person, and Riley begins to settle into her new life.


“A very interesting portrayal of the mind,” said senior Will May when asked about the movie,  “I wish more movies were like that. I cried at the end.”

The movie received great reviews, with an 8.6/10 from IMDb  and a 94% from Metacritic. The animation that went behind Inside Out was particularly difficult, as in most Pixar movies which often push technological capabilities, due to the particle effects used to animate each emotion.

“It’s a movie with a creative insight on your emotions,” said junior Alex Myers.