Artist’s Corner: The 56th Annual Student Art Show

Art Students have the opportunity to show off their own masterpieces to family and friends, students and staff.


As the school year nears its end, there are plenty of opportunities for anyone to be acquainted with West’s programs whether it be a sports game, theater production, banquet or awards night. Out of these many events, one in particular is the annual Student Art Show which showcases numerous pieces of original artwork with a range of different styles. The event will take place this on Thursday the 21st and will begin at 6:30 pm with a half hour to view the art and awards following that. The displays are set up on the main floor right outside the auditorium and awards will take place inside the auditorium. Additionally, the displays will remain in the hallways for about another week before being taken down.

Since the artwork is voted for and  hand-picked by both students and the art teachers, it can be sure the displays will have some outstanding works! Anyone is welcome to come and participate in this event so be sure to check out what some of our students have to offer in the realm of creativity and imagination!