Emma Blackwell
Emma Blackwell is senior at West and is both the Editor-in-Chief of The Glen Bard and a columnist. Her main column is called "Artist's Corner" and covers a variety of projects within the art classes at West. You can also find other articles of hers covering the marching band of which she is an active member. When she's not marching and writing, she enjoys reading books and listening to music.

Emma Blackwell, Editor-in-Chief

May 14, 2018
Everyone has a purpose: Ms. Lubiniecki leaves a lasting impact on West (Story)
May 11, 2018
Off the Beaten Track: Seniors Pave Their Own Unique Post-Graduate Paths (Story)
May 11, 2018
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Feb 26, 2018
How China Has Changed in the 21st Century (Story/Media)
Feb 17, 2018
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Oct 07, 2017
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Oct 07, 2017
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Aug 11, 2017
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Aug 10, 2017
Why the Panda Population is Still Heavily Endangered (Story)
May 23, 2017
Pursuing the Arts Beyond High School (Story)
Feb 18, 2017
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Nov 17, 2016
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Oct 09, 2016
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Aug 11, 2016
West Marching Band is Rockin’ the Field with the Music of Billy Joel (Story)
May 19, 2016
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Apr 26, 2016
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Dec 21, 2015
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Dec 18, 2015
Students Should Enroll in West Art Classes (Story/Media)
Nov 14, 2015
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Oct 14, 2015
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Sep 12, 2015
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Sep 06, 2015
Labor Day Then and Now (Story/Media)
Aug 20, 2015
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Aug 17, 2015
Artist’s Corner: New Mural Installed Dedicated to English Literature (Story)
Jul 21, 2015
Artists’ Corner: Graffiti-inspired art at West (Story)
Emma Blackwell