Hamilton Has Turned the World Upside Down


On June 12, 2016, Hamilton, an American musical, astoundingly received 16 Tony nominations at the Radio City Music Hall due to its revolutionary impact on youth and inspirational rap music.

Hamilton tells the story of the orphan child, Alexander Hamilton, who became a hero and scholar as a result of his persistence of striving to reach to his fullest potential in every aspect. Moreover, the uplifting musical portrays how Hamilton transformed into a Founding Father and came to be in charge of the trading charter.

Jessie Nork, freshman, describes the play as “fast-paced,” “lyrical,” and “realistic,” which are all characteristics that exquisitely personify the essence of the modern-day music.

No doubt, this smash hit has truly become a cultural phenomenon due to its appeal toward both young and old audiences all over America. As a result, the U.S. Department of the Treasury cancelled the plans of replacing Hamilton’s portrait on the $10 bill due to the surging popularity of what has come to be known as a nation-wide sensation!

Patricia Madel, freshman, says, “Listening to the songs, I realized that this man profoundly impacted our country” in a positive and advantageous way.

Initially, Lin-Manuel Miranda, who write the music and lyrics of Hamilton and played its title character, envisioned the creation of the musical after reading the biography written by Ron Chernow while he was relaxing on vacation. Hence, the beginning of the Hamilton phenomenon.

Molly Molloy, junior, states that its appeal is due to the perfect timing that the play was released since it talks about accepting new cultures and rising to the top.

Since the Broadway musical incorporates both rap and education, it sparks interest in many students to learn more about the history and birth of our great nation. Not only does Hamilton bring to light an incredible story, it is also incredibly factual and serves as a bridge between the old and new times.

Emma King, freshman, describes this musical as “unique,” and highlights the “outstanding characters that portray their historical counterparts.” Furthermore, she enjoys the show because of its “beautiful harmonies” and other stylistic elements.

Sweeping the nation off its feet, a hip-hop musical retelling of the story of Alexander Hamilton won 11 out of the 16 Tony Awards that they were recommended for, which conveys the noteworthy attention that the musical acquired. In summary, Hamilton has significantly turned the world upside down and is a modern take on a story as old as the United States of America.