Everyone has a purpose: Ms. Lubiniecki leaves a lasting impact on West


Emma Blackwell, Editor-in-Chief

Amongst those retiring at the end of this year is Ms. Lubiniecki, a dedicated counselor of thirty years. Having come to West twenty-five years ago, Ms. Lubiniecki has been a huge help to many students over the years.

While most of her time was spent at West, Ms. Lubiniecki had previously worked as a counselor at a school for K-12 in a small town in rural Illinois. Beyond being a counselor, Ms. Lubiniecki has also worked as an English teacher and a senior editor at a book publishing company.

Despite having these various jobs, Ms. Lubiniecki ultimately wanted to work with teenagers “because I was able to connect with them, and they made me laugh and cry.”

After a friend of hers — who was also a counselor — told her about an opening at West, Ms. Lubiniecki came to West and has since loved working with West’s students and staff.

She says, “My favorite things about West are the kids, the caring adults, the beauty of our campus, [and] the feeling that we are all connected.”

Ms. Lubiniecki also sheds light on what she hopes for in her retirement. “Every day I think of something creative I can do after retiring,” she states. “I am open to all ideas!”

Looking back at her memories at West, Ms. Lubiniecki comments, “I will miss most of the kids, especially those students alphabetically assigned to me.”

She also mentions the “senior panelists, mindfulness groups, and college 101 participants” as people she will miss along with working with students on their college essays.

To the seniors graduating this year she leaves a simple haiku:

“We believe in you!

Accomplished, kind, eyes sparkling

Go find your purpose!”

West thanks Ms. Lubiniecki for her time and commitment to bettering students throughout the years. She has certainly left an impact on many lives and will be sincerely missed.