Volunteer Opportunities Glen Ellyn

With the holiday of Thanksgiving rapidly approaching, November is the golden month for giving back. The comfort and opportunities we are blessed with in Glen Ellyn give us much to be thankful for, and it is time for us to show our appreciation. There are a multitude of ways to express our gratitude — volunteering to help make our community a better place is a wonderful place to start. The vast variety of volunteer opportunities around Glen Ellyn are always open to students. Two important volunteer opportunities include the Animal Rescue Foundation in DuPage County and the Glen Ellyn Food Pantry.


The Animal Rescue Foundation:

The A.R.F. is an organization entirely based on volunteers. They help save homeless dogs and cats daily, with nearly a thousand lives saved each year. There are a few requirements to volunteer, including:

  • An email address to coordinate activities.
  • Being accompanied by a guardian for those under age 18.
  • Commitment (shifts are 3-hours and once a month).
  • Attendance at a new volunteer orientation held in DuPage County (for training and information).
  • A passion for animals!

To begin volunteering, you should fill out a volunteer interest form (linked on the A.R.F. website) and your application will be reviewed. Once accepted, there are a variety of rescue opportunities involving:

  • Fostering dogs and cats. Provide animals with shelter and love while they heal. Food and medical supplies will be paid for and given by the A.R.F., and foster homes are temporary until the animals are ready to be adopted.
  • Administrative/operational support. Duties for this include processing adoption applications, checking references via phone call, and keeping the pet database up-to-date. This job is great for those who wish to help from the comfort of their own home.
  • Event help. Volunteers are needed to transport animals and to take care of them during events, setup and take down equipment, and file adoption paperwork. This job is perfect for people who enjoy talking with others.
  • Animal transport. Volunteers are needed to transport rescues from high-kill shelters in Illinois to vet appointments in DuPage County. This job can take closer to 5 hours. People who enjoy quiet drives will take a liking to this job.
  • Animal triage and intake. Volunteers would check animals for issues before they see vets, and put together treatment history and paperwork with high level medical treatment. There is no experience needed and anyone looking to become a veterinarian would appreciate this job.
  • PetSmart adoption center. This position involves light cleaning, checking food and water, talking to potential adopters, and socializing with the animals up for adoption. This job is flexible with schedules and perfect for those who love playing with animals. (And let’s be real – who doesn’t love playing with animals?)
  • Marketing and fundraising. Event planning and social media promotion are large parts of this volunteer job. Taking photos and screening fundraising opportunities are part of this position, and time commitment varies (though much busier in summer). This job is perfect for people who enjoy being creative and inventive. 

The A.R.F. is always willing to accept and guide new volunteers. Visiting their website will provide their volunteer interest form and the upcoming events for those  who are ready to volunteer. Their number is (630) 200-3828, and their email is [email protected]. Volunteer now!


The Glen Ellyn Food Pantry:

The Glen Ellyn Food Pantry provides those who are less fortunate with proper nutrition and access to meals. Their mission statement reads:

“We are passionate about helping those experiencing food insecurity…passionate about making sure those who have fallen on hard times receive proper nutrition…passionate about ensuring children have access to a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner so they can do their best at school…and simply put, passionate about carrying out God’s work in our community.”

The Glen Ellyn Food Pantry website offers the times which they are open during the week. Both appointments and walk-ins are welcomed. Their website also provides a link to the volunteer interest form for those looking to help out. Ways to volunteer include:

  • Volunteering time. This job involves food recovery, client relations, inventory control, NIFB delivery, and various community service opportunities. 
  • Food donations. Many schools and groups (including Glenbard West) host food drives each year to collect items for the Glen Ellyn Food Pantry. Donating food items, as well as creating posters, decorating paper shopping bags, and offering donation raffle tickets are all ways to promote donations.  
  • Financial support. Fundraising and donating money will help the Pantry feed others. Checks can be sent to the Pantry’s address at 493 Forest Avenue in Glen Ellyn, IL. In addition, text “GIVE” to the number (312) 818-3169 for online donations. 

Food donations are accepted at the Pantry between 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM on Monday-Friday. There are a multitude of ways to donate and help the Glen Ellyn Food Pantry. For more information, check out their website and YouTube videos. To contact the Glen Ellyn Food Pantry about volunteering, email [email protected] or call (630) 469-8668. 

Sometimes, we get so wrapped up in the problems of our own lives that we forget about those who are less fortunate than us. If you have never volunteered before, this month is the perfect time to begin. Express your gratitude this Thanksgiving by giving back to your community.