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Discover Your New Deans!

Photo acquired from the Glenbard West Website
Photo acquired from the Glenbard West Website


Photo acquired from the Glenbard West Website

The 2023-2024 semester brings major turnover in West’s building administration with brand new Deans: Nick Billone, Lillie Blackmon, and Lauren Meister. 

In the September Principal’s Newsletter, the Dean’s page reads: “we all know the old saying–the more things change, the more they stay the same. Even though there’s three new faces in the Dean’s Office, the expectations for our students are not changing”. 





Photo taken by Katherine Schlueter.

 Mr. Nick Billone

Photo acquired from the Glenbard West Website.

Dean Billone recalls that in school he was “a decent student, but definitely got into some trouble. If you asked any of my teachers or the deans from Lincoln-Way, they’d be a little bit surprised that I’m a dean today.”

Billone was born and raised in Illinois and is a dedicated husband, ardent Cubs fan, and proud father of two. 

He went to Columbia College Chicago for creative writing and became an English teacher for several years. “English was always something I was passionate about. I love books, I love stories, I love storytelling, so English was the natural place for me.”  

Then, a few years ago, a dean position opened up at another school, and he transitioned into administration. He never wanted a traditional desk job, but this position keeps him on his toes. 

His favorite part of being a dean is working with students, and aims to make connections by being “ just authentic, and real, and myself.”

He asserts that “when everyone feels more connected, that is just a better place for people academically; it’s a better place for people socially and emotionally, and you get way more involvement.” 

At Glenbard West, Mr. Billone has found not only a rewarding job, but also “a strong community of people who care about each other” and adds that “people have made me feel completely at home here.” 


Ms. Lillie Blackmon 

Photo acquired from the Glenbard West Website.

Dean Blackmon lived in southern Chicago in her early years, before moving to Buffalo Grove for high school. She explains that she had a really great high school experience and was an “athlete and was involved in anything and everything,” and liked keeping herself busy.

In the early days of her career, she was a child welfare social worker and had experience working with teens and truly loved interacting with them. She went on to become a school social worker and loved being of assistance to students who needed it, and getting to know so many students through the years.

She explains that her role as a social worker, and now as a dean, are actually very similar, as she is constantly talking to students and helping them through their issues.

At her previous school she had heard multiple times that “people who work at West are super happy and love where they work”.

She immediately made the decision to apply to work at West and soon realized everything she heard about West was true. She remembers her first interview and recalls her initial thoughts, “everyone was super nice and really just happy to be working here.”

When asked her favorite part of the job, she immediately answered: the students. She adds that “my favorite part of my day is when I talk to students” and is “looking forward to getting to know more students” in her time at West.


Ms. Lauren Meister

Photo acquired from the Glenbard West Website.

Ms. Meister grew up in Downers Grove, Illinois and went to Downers Grove South for high school. She really enjoyed high school as a student and athlete and says her time there “was very pivotal.” 

Before becoming a dean at West, she did her student teaching here in 2017 under Mrs. McGrane.

Prior to teaching in the Special Services department at Carl Sandburg High School, she was a corporate consultant for Jimmy John’s and traveled, spreading awareness about Jimmy’s entrepreneurial skills. 

As a consultant she went to many schools, “teaching kids how to write resumes, teaching kids how to be hardworking and good in their schooling to get good jobs.” 

She really enjoyed her time working in schools and decided to get into the field of education. 

She later got a job application for a job here at West by a colleague, and decided to take up the opportunity. 

She says that “West is one of the best places to work in my opinion, the community is fantastic, the kids are fantastic, the staff is fantastic and everybody just wants to work hard and do really great things.” 

Ms. Meister is excited to get to know and interact with more students and says that “West is a special place, we have some of the best kids, great adults, and administration that leads with their hearts.”

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