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Ultimate Finals Survival Guide: Top 10 Spots to Study Around Campus

Photo by Katherine Schlueter
  1. Science Bridge 3rd floor, Main Building

Available during lunch: YES 

Open after school: YES

3rd Floor Science Bridge (Katherine Schlueter)

The Science Bridge is a great place to study during your lunch hour if you want a sturdy seat and some quiet. It is easily accessible from all sides of the building, but head there early to secure a spot. 

  1. Chocolaterie Stam 530 Pennsylvania Ave 

Available during lunch: YES (closed Monday)

Open after school: YES, until 5pm. (closed Monday)

Interior of The Chocolaterie Stam (Katherine Schlueter)

Discover a hidden gem just off Main Street: The Chocolaterie Stam where you can indulge in assorted chocolates, gelato, and warm up with exceptional hot chocolate and coffee. Despite the limited seating and absence of an accessible bathroom, this decorative escape from the outside cold can make a delightful treat amid finals.

  1. AP Café 4th Floor Bridge, Main Building

Available during lunch: YES 

Open after school: NO

AP Café by Blake Noble

Arguably the best resource for students during lunch, the AP Cafe is home to experienced tutors, diverse but limited seating, and a great view of Lake Ellyn. Complete with plenty of resources for students from books to tutors to the camaraderie of fellow students’ exam panic. 

  1. The JOY Bar548 Crescent Blvd 

Available during lunch: YES 

Open after school: YES, until 4pm. 

The Joy Bar (Katherine Schlueter)

Willing to splurge a little for a healthy study snack found within two blocks of campus? The JOY Bar is typically quiet, has a beautiful bathroom, a few comfy indoor seats, wifi upon request, along with delicious toasts, smoothies, juices, salads, and more to fuel your review sessions. 

  1. Bonita Bowls 524 Crescent Blvd 

Available during lunch: YES 

Open after school: YES, until 9pm.

Exterior of Bonita Bowls (Katherine Schlueter)

A cute restaurant just a block away from school can be a great place to study over a delicious poke bowl. Feel free to sit in one of  their few seats and ask an employee for the WIFI password after making a purchase. 

  1. Eli Tea 507 Pennsylvania Ave

Available during lunch: YES

Open after school: YES, until 9pm.

Exterior of Elitea by Marilyn Aung

Located just off Main Street, this tea shop offers a dining room, quiet atmosphere, free WIFI, and the perfect environment to cram for that science exam, all for the price of some delicious Boba.

  1. Blackberry Market 401 N Main St

Available during lunch: YES, but impractical 

Open after school: YES, until 4pm.

Blackberry Market (Katherine Schlueter)

You can enjoy quality study fuel in Blackberry Market’s two bustling dining rooms after school accompanied by their free wi-fi, if you are willing to hike across the tracks for artisanal coffee or delectable baked goods.

  1. Starbucks 536 Crescent Blvd

Available during lunch: YES

Open after school: YES, until 7:30pm.

Interior of Starbucks (Katherine Schlueter)

A West favorite, Starbucks is a close, festive, and popular spot to grab a quick drink and hit the books. If you are able to grab a seat for yourself and friends and tolerate the rush hours, this can be a wonderful and convenient place to prepare for finals; as long as you are respectful of the hardworking staff.

  1. Glen Ellyn Public Library 400 Duane St 

Available during lunch: YES, but impractical

Open after school: YES, until 9pm. Mon-Thu

2nd Floor of the Glen Ellyn Public Library. Image acquired from Glen Ellyn Public Library’s website

Cross the train tracks and follow the Prairie Path to find reading rooms, desks among bookshelves, a computer room, and private study spaces. If you need some study fuel, there is also a built-in café. This peaceful space is open late, provides free WIFI, and houses a myriad of resources.

  1. Elliot Library 3rd Floor, Main Building 

Available during lunch: YES 

Open after school: YES, until 6pm. starting December 11. and until 3:30pm. during final exam days.

Elliot Library by Blake Noble

The school library is the most tailored spot for students during finals, offering late hours, free food from Jimmy John’s, and teacher assistance with subjects rotating throughout the week. Arrive early or reserve a spot due to high demand. It is an ideal environment for all types of studying, whether focused, frantic, solo, or group sessions; Elliot has it all. Click here for the schedule!

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