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Photo taken by Francesca Di Domenico
Glenbard West Book Club - What is it?
Francesca Di Domenico, Staff Photographer • January 25, 2023

When Glenbard West Seniors Lula Crews and Aarthi Mallavarpu first met in Mr. Staron’s World History class their freshman year, they quickly realized that they shared a strong...

Securing the Castle: A Look into Security at West
Securing the Castle: A Look into Security at West
Ethan Parab and Katherine Schlueter January 19, 2023

Safety is a top priority at Glenbard West as school safety continues to be of national concern. On the foundation of trusting relationships and diligence; administration,...

Upcoming GPS Seminar Informational Flyer
GPS: Not Just for Parents
Maariya Quadri, Editor • January 18, 2023

GPS. No, not the Global Positioning System we all use to get places. I’m talking about the Glenbard Parent Series. Gilda Ross, the founder of GPS and District 87’s Student...

Revisiting Horror:
Revisiting Horror:
October 26, 2022
GBW Cheer Graphic, created by Blake Noble.
Spotlight on GBW Cheer
December 12, 2022
Image created by Katherine Schlueter.
How Are Grades Affecting Students?
Katherine Schlueter, Staff Writer • December 1, 2022

Grades are a part of every student’s life here at West and so much importance is attached to these letters and percentage points, that students feel the pressure from all sides...

The Forensics team enjoys a moment between rounds during a tournament.
Forensics kicks off 2022-23 season bringing "connectedness" back
Ethan Parab, Tech Specialist • November 28, 2022

After its first few tournaments this month, West’s Forensics team is excited to start off its 2022-23 season better than ever, focusing this...

Revisiting Horror:
Revisiting Horror:
Aarthi Mallavarpu, Video Editor • October 26, 2022

Carmilla & Dracula - Social Culture and Vampire Stories in the Victorian Era Social culture and vampire stories from the Victorian era may...

Cartoon of Mr. Wiersum writing the Centennial and jockeying on the Radio. Drawn by Will Lafontaine.
The Glenbard West Radio Club: Its Opportunities and Future
Ben English, Staff Writer • October 24, 2022

The Glenbard West Radio–WGHS–is back in town, but what does this club really do? That story starts with Mr. Wiersum, the club’s sponsor...

Photo acquired from Pixabay. All rights reserved.
All About Glenbard West’s Newest -and Much Needed- English Class
Maariya Quadri, Editor • September 7, 2022

Mrs. Tina Shah is the teacher of West’s very first African American Experiences in Literature class. She has been at Glenbard West for 8 years,...

Photo by Nusra Mohammed
The Black Box, In Review
Katherine Schlueter , Staff Writer • January 20, 2023

West Theater presents two student written and produced shows that will run from Thursday, January 19th to Saturday, January 21st, Only a Matter of Time and Once Upon a Crime....

Photo acquired from All rights reserved to PNGTree.
Julia Kelly: Winner of Glen Bard Short Story Competition!
Julia Kelly October 26, 2022

Light Breaks on the Mountains             I don’t exactly know why I agreed to it. In fact, the way that Joni’s face morphed into...

A comprehensive analysis on Ugly Love, by Colleen Hoover
A comprehensive analysis on Ugly Love, by Colleen Hoover
Hamid Ali, Columnist and Editor • October 25, 2022

A gut-wrenching tale of passionate yet unrequited love If you have been anywhere in the midst of social media or a bookstore, then there is...

Photo acquired from 20th Century Fox. All rights reserved to 20th Century Fox
Prey: A Dying Movie Franchises’ Redemption
Will Lafontaine, Staff Writer • September 30, 2022

Warning, this movie is rated R Prey, the Hulu exclusive movie, is a new and needed addition to the Predator movie series. The Predator movies...

Photo acquired from Sony Pictures. Rights reserved to Sony Pictures.
2022’s Summer Blockbusters: ‘The Good, The Bad And The Ugly’
Sam Schoettle, Editor-in-Chief • September 7, 2022

Every Summer, film studios release their most action-packed, big-budget productions to theaters with the promise of enormous returns. Over a...

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