Transition Fashion: Summer to Fall 2015

The transition from summer to fall brings a time of drastic change- but it doesn’t mean you have to get a whole new wardrobe. Transitioning seasons can be hard for those who struggle to keep up with the constant change in styles, trends, and colors. For the summertime, the colors are bright and vibrant. But in fall, it’s a little more mellowed out. Burgundy, blacks, grays, and browns, and maybe even some oranges to match those autumn leaves.

jeans Photo Courtesy of Flickr Commons

No matter the season, everyone needs a go-to item. In summer, most people’s everyday style is shorts. They’re easy, they’re comfortable, and they go with just about everything. But for the fall trade your shorts for of course, jeans! Jeans, in my opinion, are the basic essential that is needed in everyone’s closet. Either boot-cut or straight leg, any style of jean is perfect for the fall weather.

For the summer, I know I love wearing sun-dresses because they can be perfect for a stroll in the park, or a day in the city. However, in the fall they are not as practical. What every Chicagoan needs are a variety of sweaters. An autumnal basic, they come in every style from over-sized to a classic v-neck.

Flannel ShirtsPhoto Courtesy of Flickr Commons

This season, flannels are making a comeback from the 90’s. I have my fair share of flannels, and I’ve found they are the perfect shirt or over-shirt to wear when it’s not exactly cold enough for that wool sweater you love.

Together, flannels, jeans, and a pair of combat boots makes my perfect fall outfit for the 2015 Fall season.

Whether you love fashion or that is the place you need a little help in, always doing research for the upcoming season so you can be prepared for the seasonal transition. Getting inspiration from celebrities, runway shows or reading fashion articles always helps. And I hope that this helps you make that transition from Summer to Fall 2015 a little easier!