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Fashion: Winter 2023-24 Trends

Royalty free image acquired from Pixabay. All rights reserved to photographer Justyna Faliszek.
Royalty free image acquired from Pixabay. All rights reserved to photographer Justyna Faliszek.

What are the most popular items for winter? What to wear? How to style it? In this article, I’ll be covering all the new and upcoming trends for this cozy season.  

Winter is one of the most popular seasons in the world. With the happiness this season brings, almost everybody loves it. But how do you look cute and warm at the same time? 


Well, my favorite way is wearing warmer shoes. A shoe that everybody needs to have in their closet is boots. Boots are timeless for the warmer seasons and make you look chic and put together without even trying. For winter, knee-high boots will be favored, especially ones that are platformed. Platform shoes have risen from the dead and are suddenly sparking everybody’s interest. Mainly platform uggs. Uggs are a necessity for fall but are also a good winter shoe. They’re cozy and basic, and have a variety of different options to pick from. Currently, ultra mini platform Uggs are the most popular, as are Tazmen Uggs. Like Uggs, ballet slippers have been quite the rage this year for their simplicity and elegance. I personally adore ballet slippers, but sometimes I find wearing them ridiculous since they are meant for the stage, not the streets. Instead, miniature heels are my go-to this winter. During fashion week, slingbacks and kitten heels were all over the runways. As a short girl, I constantly need the extra bit of height and this is the perfect way to elevate a look and yourself. But don’t worry if you’re a tall girl, ballet flats are not going away anytime soon. My last winter shoe is already a trend and it’s bowling shoes. Shoes that look like bowling shoes, like the gazelle’s from Adidas, are all over my for you page. I do think the trend will die down sooner or later, but it will definitely be here for this winter.


During winter you must always be wearing a jacket, and this year giant puffers and fur coats are it. Giant puffers are always in style since they are basic and go with everything. Yet, even though they are coming back, last year’s North Face puffers are out and Artiza’s Super Puff puffers are in. Yet, in my opinion, nothing can beat colors and patterns. Lately, I’ve been seeing patterned puffer jackets and they are absolutely to die for. Even though patterns are fun, you still need a basic jacket, and leather jackets do the trick. Leather jackets are back not just for fall but for this winter too. It’s the perfect basic for every closet that upgrades any look and makes you stand out from the crowd. But what tops everything is fur jackets. Ever since the Russian song “My Marmalade” became trending, Slavic styles have been noticed more because of their aesthetic. Which includes fur coats. Fur coats are excellent for winter. They are expensive-looking and durable for the winter weather and they are the epitome of class. 


To pair with these fur coats, skirts are a necessity. Skirts this winter will be preferred over jeans and in order to stay warm you need a good pair of tights. I myself have been loving burgundy colored tights as they remind me of Blair Waldorf, a character in the TV show Gossip Girl who is a style icon with the utmost of class.


Waldorf also wears lots of polka dots, which will certainly be trending this year. They are so simple yet make a look pop and are so fun to style. Additionally, like polka dots, sequins are also needed for this winter. Throughout winter there are tons of parties and events going on and during those parties, you need something that brings energy, something that is joyful, and what’s more joyful than sequins? For me, in order to incorporate sequins in my outfits, I use sequin purses. They are easy to style and so fun to wear! 


Same with scarves, when the winter breeze hits and your nose starts to freeze, what better way to look cute and cozy than scarves? Especially long ones. This winter neutral colored scarfs are essential but pops of color in my book will be preferred. The first thing I notice in a winter outfit is “Are they wearing a scarf”, and when I see someone wearing an eclectic scarf, I’m automatically in awe. Especially when I see someone wearing a scarf and a beret. In my opinion, berets have been turned into a cheap trend, but when done correctly, they look fantastic. I believe they will be making an appearance this year but with a revamped look. Instead of those basic berets that make you look like a tourist, they will have distinctive patterns and slouchier looks to match the baggy clothes aesthetic. So why not pair that with a giant clutch or oversized bag? Giant clutches were all over the runways during Paris Fashion Week, but they were mainly seen at The Row’s runway show. Which is a brand by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. These eye-catching bags upgrade your outfit from basic to sophisticated. But if you’re not a fan of clutches opt for a more subtle look with a big bag. You can even add accessories to it, such as ribbons. Ribbons are another item I’ve been loving for this winter. Ribbons are the cutest accessories for hair, outfits, etc. Especially red ribbons, I have always loved the color red but during the winter months it is worn way more and I want to keep seeing everyone wear it. Red tops, jackets, pants, shoes, etc. Now if that’s not enough accessories for your outfit you can pair your outfit with a giant belt, the perfect statement piece. My favorites are the vintage ones but any belt will do.


Lastly, the basics for winter are the same as last year. You need these three main clothing pieces: sweaters, turtle necks (In dresses, sweater vests, etc), and satin items (In dresses, tops, etc). They are essential for a good winter wardrobe because they are easy to style while making lots of different outfits. 

Overall, these are my trend predictions for this winter and what I think people will be wearing.

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