Christmas Music: How Soon is Too Soon?

When is it just too early to break out those Christmas Jingles?


Sometimes that Holiday Cheer comes just too early!

The first flakes of snow floated from the sky this season.  Since then, trees have gone up, lights have been strung, and the first inklings of the holiday season have begun to appear.

But wait.  There is no longer any white fluff on the ground and our Hitters’ state championship is evidence of the recent feasting holiday.  So when is it time to let the pumpkins go and embrace the cold winter festivities?

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, nothing stands between us and Christmas.  Regardless of the weather, there is no denying that the holiday season is upon us.  But seriously… how many times do I need to hear “Jingle Bells” or “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”?  That can wait.

So until the next snow, or until Christmas is really just around the corner, the holiday tunes can hold off.  For ideas of what to listen to in the meantime, check out my next article, “The Best Spotify Playlists to Help You Through the Next Three Weeks.”