Spotify Playlists to Help You Through the Next Three Weeks

Thanksgiving Break is a tease; a three-day glimpse of your coming two-week break.  But three weeks of classes and test prep stand between the two, and they might just be the longest three weeks of the year.

One thing that can help you through long days and late nights is the perfect playlist.  Here are three Spotify playlists & a few sample songs from each that make for the perfect soundtrack for homework, a big cup of coffee, or a nice, long nap.

“Rainy Day” – slow and moody

“Smother” – Daughter

“Ghosts” – On An On

“Lunacy” – Rue Royale

“Brothers on a Hotel Bed” – Death Cab for Cutie


“Your Favorite Coffeehouse” – intricate and thoughtful

“Nothing Arrived” – Villagers

“The Only Thing” – Sufjan Stevens

“I Don’t Feel It Anymore (Song of the Sparrow)” – William Fitzsimmons

“In Your Hands” – Joshua Radin


“Electronic Concentration” – upbeat but low-distraction

“Sunlight on My Desk” – M. Ostermeier

“The Sea Is a Sculptor” – Ffuries

“I” – Piano Interrupted

“Degrees of Light” – Taylor Mcferrin