’13 Reasons Why’ Review

The new hit series 13 Reasons Why is based on The New York Times and international bestselling novel by Jay Asher. This series can be found on Netflix, featuring actors Dylan Minnette, Katherine Langford, Kate Walsh, Alisha Boe, and more.

This show focuses on the suicide of one character, Hannah Baker, and the people her death affects. Hannah, a high school girl, leaves behind thirteen tape recordings before she dies. The title of this show suggests that these tapes are for the thirteen people who caused her to do what she did.

One day, a character names Clay receives this mysterious box of tapes on his doorstep. He soon discovers that these tapes have been circulating around the various people these tapes are about. He listens to the tapes, finding it difficult to listen to Hannah’s voice and hear her story. He learns about all of the events that went on in her life. Clay and the twelve others who were featured in the tapes band together to decide how to approach the situation. Clay eventually turns the tapes in to Hannah’s mom and everyone else in the tapes faces the consequences they deserve.

This show has inspired a lot of controversy and debate, making it the most tweeted show of 2017. Some say that this show carries too heavy of a topic, while others argue that it’s an important message that needs to get out to teenagers everywhere. Many describe this Netflix series as good and necessary because it teaches about the impact bullying can have on someone and the importance of being kind to others and always being there to help out a friend if they’re in need.

Season one ends on a cliff-hanger, with many questions left unanswered and conflicts left unresolved. There are rumors of a second season to come out, which would answer these questions and provide more closure to the series. Be sure to check out 13 Reasons Why on Netflix.