5 of the Best Life Lessons From Your Favorite Netflix Shows

For the many of us who frequently sit at home binge-watching Netflix for hours upon end, we may not realize that our favorite shows have some of the most valuable life lessons. As we laugh, cry, and relate to the characters, we also learn from their mesmerizing storylines. In my last article, I touched on lessons found in TV shows like FRIENDS, The Office, and Grey’s Anatomy. This time around, I will delve into even more of the the tips that your favorite Netflix shows have to offer.

Always Stand Behind Your Family: The Gallaghers, living on the south side of Chicago, face new challenges every day. Though they may not always get along, the family on Shameless always remain loyal to each other, no matter what. In season one, the youngest sister Debby accidentally kidnaps their neighbor, and the whole family comes together to help her return the boy. This example, though not legal, teaches us the ever-present lesson of “family comes first.”

Stretch Your Mind’s Limits: Criminal Minds puts the limits of mental intelligence to the test in each episode. All of the agents must put their minds together to create profiles that track down fugitives on the loose. Though the extent of their knowledge may be more advanced than some of us, we can still strive to stretch our minds a little more every day.

Never Lose Hope: All Stranger Things fans know the struggle that Joyce faced when she was the only person who still believed her son was alive after he disappeared. Despite being thought of as a lunatic by many people. she persisted and searched for her son with every last hope she had. Eventually, Will returned home safely, all because his mom never lost hope.

Never Underestimate the Importance of Laughing: The misfit group of four roommates on New Girl are well known for their ability to make each other and their audience laugh until they cry. In the midst of pain and obstacles each day, humor is extremely healing. Nick, Jess, Schmidt, and Winston show us this in each episode, never failing to lift each others’ spirits with comedy.

Keep Your Priorities in Check: Black Mirror expands the boundaries of societal norms by depicting an alternate reality where technology is largely prioritized. Not only this, but technology is so advanced that it begins to take a toll on humans’ everyday lives. This gripping series gives audiences a glimpse into the possible consequences technology may have in the near future, if our priorities are not checked.

You may have not even realized the power that your favorite Netflix shows have in portraying some of the best advice you will ever receive within their plots. So the next time you settle in to marathon The Office or any other show that strikes your fancy, look out the lessons that may just change your life.