Review of New York Fashion Week and What to Include in Your Wardrobe

As New York Fashion Week comes to a close, the possibilities for your new wardrobe are endless! From Kaia Gerber closing Marc Jacobs show to Kendall Jenner strutting her stuff on Ralph Lauren’s runway, let’s get the inside scoop on the new, and some of the old trends this year’s shows had to offer.

One of this year’s standouts to keep your eye on is the color lilac. Millennial pink’s cousin, expect lilac to show up everywhere this spring, starting with your wardrobe. Displayed in light, flowy dresses and now seen in warm and fuzzy sweaters, the transition of lilac will be easily made from spring to fall and winter.

An design reappearance in collections this year is the Leg o’ Mutton sleeves, also known as gigot sleeves. Leg o’ Muttons have had a long fashion history; the sleeves first seen in fashionable dress in the 1820s, becoming popular between approximately 1825 and 1833. They hadn’t exactly caught on with the post-19th-century masses, but this year New York designers, such as Julia Stuart and Ulla Johnson, gave the old style another try, and showcased a variety of options that feel hip and fashionable, rather than too formal. Creating pieces with bold color and exciting print along with the sleeve helped to showcase the piece as a fun and wearable option for nights out on the town, rather than plain white shirts with gigot sleeves worn to work.

One trend that can be copied by anyone is the use of knots and twists. Sometimes it’s the small details that make a piece interesting, and a surprising number of designers played with knots and twisted elements. This style can be a DIY by knotting a tee or an oversized blouse, or twisting a sweater around your waist.

Windbreakers became the center of a variety of outfits on the runway this year. A range of designers tossed athletic-style windbreakers over everything, including cocktail dresses, creating a cool, loose, vibe. Consider this your new spring jacket.

Fashion week is a time where top designers come together and show of their finest creations to fashion gurus, hoping to see the hard work they put into their designs come to life on the streets of cities all over the world. The week also acts an eye-opener to many who are looking for new changes to spruce up their styles, and with these magnificent and wearable pieces, you can’t go wrong constructing our new and improved wardrobe!