OTR2 Concert Review

We all know that with every new album comes a tour. In this case, a world tour with Beyoncé and Jay-Z called On The Run II. Both singers recently came out with individual albums, while collaborating on another album. The two-and-a-half hour concert was filled with moving runways, stunning choreography, videography, and moving platforms.

The show began with a brief performance by an R&B sister duo named Chloe X Halle. The opening act then moved on to DJ Khaled who had the whole crowd dancing on their feet. He brought out local Chicago rapper Vic Mensa who sang one of his biggest hits “U Mad.” However, the highlight of the opening show was DJ Khaled’s surprise guest: the one and only Chance the Rapper. He gave a brief but energetic performance that set the perfect mood for the rest of the night.

As the sun set over Soldier Field, Beyoncé and Jay-Z made their grand entrance. After a heartwarming video of the couple and their kids about the power of love, Beyoncé and Jay-Z descended from an elevator onto the floor of the stage opening with “Holy Grail.”

As the concert progressed, Jay-Z took the crowd on a trip down memory lane as he sang his biggest hits such as “Clique,” “99 Problems,” “Dirt Off Your Shoulder,” and many more. He truly captivated the audience with his seemingly endless energy and constant interactions with the crowd. Similarly, Beyoncé held the audience in a trance with her extremely impressive vocals and difficult choreography. Her ability to effortlessly dance and sing simultaneously is extremely impressive and cannot be matched by anyone. Together, they performed their most famous songs such as, “03’ Bonnie and Clyde,” “Crazy in Love,” and from their new album, “NICE.”

The singers also had various videos playing during short interludes. The video clips consisted of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s relationship with each other and fun moments with their three children. The interludes sent powerful messages about love and family through impeccable videography and kept the audience wanting more.

To say the least, viewers are still starstruck at the performance given by Beyoncé and Jay-Z on the night of August 10th. Their positive and fun-loving energy was contagious and left the crowd in awe of their talent even one month later. It is hard to find the right words to describe such an amazing night except for truly iconic.