What Will They Wear to the Oscars: A Look Back at Previous Fashion Statements

It’s finally February, and what many movie-watching fanatics look forward to this month are the fabulous Academy Awards. Commonly referred to as the Oscars, the event is primarily dedicated to acknowledging excellence in the film industry. However, another feature that fans look forward to are the eye-catching outfits that the guests arrive in.

Not everyone attending the occasion anticipates merit for their achievements in nominated films, but one thing nominees can hope to prevail in is the honor of making it onto Vogue‘s best-dressed list.

Each year, online magazines like Vogue and Vanity Fair provide their readers with their “Oscars Best Dressed” slideshow. This features celebrities like Hayley Bennett in the Vogue 2018 edition wearing her partially grass-covered dress, to Cher in 1986 in her feathered, cage cut-out midriff. Cher received remarks that she resembled Disney villain, a feather duster, and even the floor of a Vegas nightclub.

While we await this year’s Academy Awards to take place on February 24, I took the time to listen to what some students found interesting about last year’s costumes.

Junior Fatima Muñoz, who hangs around with several members of Glenbard West’s fashion club, took a liking to Zendaya’s 2018 outfit (featured here in Elle), calling it “a very elegant and classy look. Zendaya can pull off almost anything. The small details stand out and let her shine through it.” When asked about her least favorite outfit, she pointed to Andra Day (pictured in People here), explaining, “There is just way too much going on here. The print is so mismatched, and the way the dress is built is horrible. It does nothing to flatter her body. Her bag doesn’t match, and neither do her shoes.”

Also a junior at Glenbard West, Emily Montesinos couldn’t pick a favorite dress, but the one she liked least was that of Nicole Kidman (featured here in Elle) stating, “The style of the dress just doesn’t look right to me.”

As for this year, as always, I’m sure those waiting on the recipients of the awards as well as their attire will not be left disappointed.