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Meghan Loftus, Columnist

This story was originally published in The Glen Bard’s may 2015 issue.

As I’m feeling rather sentimental about this being my final newspaper article for The Glen Bard, I decided to look back on both my years here in Glen Ellyn and the impact fashion has had on my life in my eighteen years.

“Congratulations, Meghan! We absolutely loved your design!”

These were the first words five-year-old Meghan heard when she answered the phone one spring afternoon. Earlier that month, I had entered a design into a local clothing boutique’s competition. Since I won this competition, my design was made and gifted to me. I wore that sea-foam green, sequined skirt and hotpink, velvet shirt until the day it no longer fit. This is when the dream began.

I have known that I want to work in the fashion industry from a very young age. I aspire to work in the business (buyer or stylist) aspect of the industry, rather than actually designing garments. Since I have always had a passion for fashion, I began to write a fashion column for my school newspaper (helllooo), created a blog, worked my way up the ranks to become President of Fashion Club and a four-year member of the Nordstrom BP fashion board.

Writing for The Glen Bard has been such a blessing. I’ve gotten to speak my mind on multiple topics, not just fashion. Mrs. Fritts is the most supportive adviser. She has made me a stronger writer and a better-rounded person.

My blog online is where I post articles like those I write for The Glen Bard but with more visuals and more often! It takes a lot of time but it is such a unique thing to have.

Glenbard West Fashion Club has shaped my experience here at West. The philanthropic combination with fashion is so amazing. Over my four years, the club as a whole raised nearly $17,000 for Glen Ellyn Children’s Resource Center. I hope to someday make a career out of something like this.

The organizational and leadership skills I have obtained, along side my best friend Bridget Caffrey, through continuing the annual fashion show Frosted in Fashion are undeniable. I could not have had more fun doing it either.

This is sort of a huge thank you to all the teachers and sponsors who have supported fashion club and my dreams. To Ms. Monahan for teaching me two years in fashion class and supporting GBW Fashion Club, Profe Krol who was at every 7 a.m. meeting, Principal Monaghan for believing in fashion club as a real thing, Mrs. Fritts for encouraging me freshman year to join newspaper, and the girls who spent late nights in my basement decorating and planning: Emma Goebbert, Shay Kiker and Bridget Caffrey.

My experience in fashion has made me stronger as a person. I feel like everyone just needs to find his or her thing. You may find it at age five, like me, or you may find it age fifty, either way, be inspired. But most importantly, don’t care what other people think because if it makes you happy what else matters?