‘Stupid Love’: Lady Gaga’s new single is one to remember

In the past few years, Gaga has been up to lots of things: winning Oscars and Grammys, releasing a beauty line, etc. She’s done it all! Yet, it appears as though there has been a lack of making albums and writing, ignoring “Shallow” (that was for a movie, not for her listeners!) even though it was a smash hit. Nevertheless, with the turn of the decade comes a return to Gaga. 

“Stupid Love,” by Lady Gaga, is her first single from her to-be-released sixth studio album. Released on February 28, the song was anticipated by all, fans and newcomers alike (I mean, we all pretty much know who Lady Gaga is, unless you have been living under a rock for the past ten years). The consensus seems to be that Gaga has returned back to her roots after years of reinvention and though it might be somewhat synonymous, it is a sigh of relief for many fans.

After reading a few reviews to get an idea of what some music professionals and reviewers thought of her latest work, a bit of disregard for some of her earlier work appeared. Caryn Ganz of The New York Times, for example, seemed to loathe Joanne and was not a huge supporter of Artpop, two of Gaga’s previous albums. Yet, I have to say that I enjoyed them both, especially the former. Even though she was reinventing herself, it was soulful and intricately done that it was still Lady Gaga at its core.

Regardless of what the big-wigs had to say, I still stand by Gaga, even with this album. It seems to me that the former Gaga who crafted “Just Dance” and “Poker Face” has transformed into a more mature, conceptual artist that still relates love and loss to a pop beat. However, in it, there is a bit of flare, more creativity, and a sort of club adaption that elaborates on Gaga’s beginnings. It is a total tie in and many listeners are down for it. 

Though the lyrics and chorus are a bit simple, it is a type of song that beams positivity and invites all to get up and dance. Not to mention, it is accompanied by a very Power Ranger-esque style music video that is all but riveting with bright colors and retro settings.

Gaga is on a new path and she allows anyone who is interested to follow. After years of transformation, it is almost as if it time for Lady Gaga to take a victory lap while still adapting. This single is being well received, as it should be, and the success that follows with the album is well deserved. Keep it up, Lady Gaga, we’re all excited to see what’s next.