How to Manage Your Stress

Hailey Ardell, Editor-in-Chief

December 11, 2016

We’re currently living in a time where much of the world is divided by opposing ideas, beliefs, and aspirations. However, if there’s one thing that nearly everyone can agree on, we’ve all got plenty of stress in our liv...

Beyond the Screen: Political Participation in the Internet Age

Erin Delany, Editor in Chief

March 9, 2016

You can help create a future you can believe in, but that means getting off your screen and out into the world.

Food: The Untapped Tool with World-wide Impact

Katie Bassett, Contributing Writer

January 21, 2016

Every part of your body is made out of food.  All of the energy you use to think, walk, talk read and even digest comes from the food you eat.  Without food, we would not be here.  Period.  Yet the majority of people lack a t...

How To Do ‘Leg Day’ Right

Ruslan Kostetskyy, Contributing Writer

January 21, 2016

It doesn't matter whether you visit the gym twice a day, or twice a year, there comes a time that even the strongest out of all of us fear:  LEG DAY. Leg Day is a workout day solely dedicated to the build up and enhancement...

Guard yourself against ‘Geese Who Attack’

Christa Matundan, Contributing Writer

January 17, 2016

Upon taking art history, I’ve learned a plethora of the contextual backgrounds of sculptures, paintings, buildings and everything in between. Some of the artists' goals included showing the power and authority of the ruler,...


Maddie Howard, Erin Delany, and Kelsey Lentz

October 29, 2015

As the leaves turn bright orange and Halloween time ghouls approach, it is important that we address a rather terrifying subject. Fear. Halloween or not, it is something that haunts us all in our day to day lives. It inhibits...