Women Empowerment Meeting on Tuesday

Come to the Women Empowerment Society meeting this Tuesday to learn how you can make a difference in your community.

Student activities are a vital aspect of the Glenbard West community. Specifically, the school offers nearly unlimited opportunities for the student body to create clubs and events that they believe will benefit their peers.

Women Empowerment Society (WES), a club that was started last year by Karla Bonic, senior, dedicates itself to discussion and action towards resolving gender inequalities as well as the empowerment of all.

“WES is open to everyone, regardless of views or gender. We welcome all opinions and want to hear your voice!” explains Karla, club president.

Ultimately, the club serves to humanize the notion of feminism. In the simplest of terms, feminism aims to promote the social, political, and economic equality of both genders.

In today’s society, many are choosing not to identify as feminists, despite the fact that they agree with the basis of its dictionary meaning. For this reason, WES wants to convey that the belief in male and female equality does not have to be an intimidating concept; stereotypes are a detriment to everyone, regardless of sex.

Whether you are interested in domestic or global aspects of feminism, or even if you are interested in learning more about the term, WES is a place where diversified opinions come together in order to service a greater cause.

Next Wednesday, February 9th, WES will be holding its third meeting of the year, and would like to invite all who are interested to participate in their newest project. Come to room 400 after school, otherwise known as the tower, and see how the group works towards universal empowerment.