Black Box Plays Prove to be Immense Success

Launching its first 2018 performance on January 24th, the Black Box Theatre put on two spectacular shows. Both proved to be a hit among students, families, and faculty alike. The major success of the shows can be seen in the raving reviews from audience-members, as well as the crazy ticket lines that extended far past the auditorium doors.

This year, the two shows that generated this immense success were entitled Dear Everyone and That’s So 80’s.

Dear Everyone, a drama written by junior Kelly Maganini, tells the heartbreaking story of a teenage girl’s suicide through flashbacks and police interviews conducted after her death.

The comedic That’s So 80’s, written by seniors Grace Centeno and Grace Bouton, portrays an unlikely romance between two dissimilar teens who, along the way, discover they’re not so different after all.

The Black Box plays rapidly sold out every night. Business Director Meg Farley explained that the Black Box theatre can only fit about 100 people, adding, “On the first night, we fit in about 120 and turned away 40.”

Junior Elinore Tolman, one of the stars of Dear Everyone, expressed her excitement over hearing the news of the sold out shows. She stated, “It really warmed my heart to know so many people wanted to see our shows and that all of our hard work paid off!”

One of the stars of That’s So 80’s, freshman Kate Nalon, was also happily surprised with the great turn out. Kate stated, “When I heard there were so many people, I was so excited! My parents even got turned away! I was super surprised that so many people came too because I never saw or was in a black box before!”

The shows and unbelievable ticket sales prove the amazing success of, and talent involved in, West’s Black Box plays and leave us excitedly waiting for more to come.