Earth Day’s Past and Present

Earth Day has been a celebration of environmental protection since the 1970s.

Asiya Mohiuddin, Contributing Writer

Everyone knows that Earth Day has to do with caring for the environment and protecting it, but many people do not know its origins and other important information about this day. Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd and commemorates the environmental movement of 1970. Before this movement took place, air pollution was becoming increasingly common and well known.

The book Silent Spring by Rachel Carson changed many people’s views by starting to raise awareness about the pesticides and their effects on the environment. Silent Spring captured people’s attention and caused movements to erupt in many places. Gaylord Nelson, who once was a Senator from Wisconsin, had the idea for the national day that is now known as Earth Day after gaining knowledge about environmental concerns. Nelson decided that he could use the movements that were already going around to help raise awareness about environmental protection. Through a lot of convincing and talking, he was able to get Earth Day to be a national day for people to participate in with activities that help take better care of the environment.

Activities people do include avoiding using a car, recycling more, planting trees as well as other plants, and just simply being out in nature. Freshman at West, Zaina Ahmed says she believes Earth Day is important because “it shows how many different things we can do to improve our community and shows others how they can help as well”. In conclusion, Earth Day is a day to appreciate the Earth as well as help take care of the place we call home.