December Senior Spotlight


This month’s Senior Spotlight features Ella Crowley. Ella is currently our Student Council Vice President and an accomplished student at Glenbard West. Let’s learn a little bit more about Ella.

Abby: I’m so excited to talk to you about your time at Glenbard West. First of all, congratulations on being elected Vice President. Can you tell us more about this position and what it entails?

Ella: I mostly just keep track of logistics for events that we run and keep a notebook on how future Student Council boards can improve these events. I also get to say the pledge every other day and offer moral support to Bijoy, who is just swamped with activities. I like these last two duties the best!

Abby: What exciting events does Student Council have planned for the rest of the school year?

Ella: The weeks leading up to finals are going to be busy ones because we have Holiday Havoc week themes and daily activities planned out, including a gingerbread house contest on that Monday and the well-loved ugly sweater contest on the Friday before finals. The toiletries drive is coming up next week, and we have a new format for it this year that will hopefully garner more student participation. Some new activities may be popping up around Heart Hop time that we hope to see evolve into traditions, but we are still ironing out the details on those. We’ll keep you guys updated.

Abby: What other activities have you been involved in throughout your time at West?

Ella: I played a few sports over the past few years (volleyball, basketball, track, tennis, and softball), but I recently transitioned from an athlete into a mathlete. I also play ultimate frisbee, and PowderPuff football continues to be my favorite memory at West.

Abby: Congratulations on receiving a perfect ACT score. This is quite an accomplishment! Do you have any advice for juniors who will be taking the ACT this year?

Ella: Thank you. Wear a jacket. Just like the AP tests, it can sometimes get really cold in there. Also, you’ll do better if you’re not nervous.

Abby: Has this opened a lot of doors for you, as far as colleges are concerned?

Ella: I don’t think good standardized test scores guarantee a spot at most colleges. I think the essay, extracurriculars, and out-of-school achievements matter most to admissions officers, and at this point I am really regretting not starting a company or patenting an invention at some point in my life.

Abby: Have you made a college decision yet? If not, where do you hope to attend?

Ella: No, but UW-Madison, U of I, and Notre Dame are my top choices right now.

Abby: I know you’ve always challenged yourself in school. Do you have a class that you think was pivotal in your education at Glenbard West?

Ella: Euro was difficult, but I think Algebra II with Trig with Mr. Resendiz my sophomore year really taught me that I should care less about grades and more about content. It completely changed the way I think about school and studying.

Abby: What is your most fun class?

Ella: I always get a good laugh in AP Physics, and I like the content too.

Abby: What’s your favorite memory at West?

Ella: The PowderPuff football tournament after homecoming my junior year was a blast. I had never played organized flag football before.

Abby: What will you miss the most next year?

Ella: I will definitely miss not getting lost and being the oldest in the school. I’ll miss my friends and seeing people I know in the hallway most, though.

Abby: Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with me. We’ll all be excited to see the great things you continue to do!