Glenbard West’s Muslim Student Association: A club that prides itself on being welcoming, nonjudgmental


Photo used with permission from Atif Hussein, sponsor of the MSA club at Glenbard North.

The All Glenbard MSA Event took place at Glenbard North last semester.

Glenbard West’s Muslim Student Association, also known as MSA, is a club where Muslims and non-Musilms come to express their different opinions on many different topics including how to combat stereotypes among themselves and fellow students. MSA is a club that prides itself on being welcoming and nonjudgmental, filled with lots of different activities, it builds a stronger Muslim and Glenbard West community within the school atmosphere. 

Meetings are usually held on Thursdays in the photography room. The sessions are open to everyone, both Muslim and  non-Muslim students.  

One of the club’s Co-Presidents, Mariyah Abdurahman rebukes a common misconception that “MSA is not just for Muslims.” She states that “it is also open to other faiths who [want to] learn more about MSA or just join in discussions.”

MSA hopes to helps everyone feel welcome and a part of the club from their first visit onward.

Samir Levitt, MSA another Co-President, explains, “We often play games have debates, watch things like documentaries, talk about Islam, and tell stories about prophets,” helping the non-Muslims in the club to learn more about Islam.

By joining MSA, “Muslims can even get prayer passes to pray every day and have a Jummah (Friday) prayer with everyone,” said Yousuf Khan, another Co-President of MSA. 

The MSA board also meets every week to discuss and plan new activities for the club. Additionally, there are more fun events and activities coming along the way, such as a potential basketball tournament.

The sponsor of the club, Ms. Cann said “I decided to sponsor for MSA six years ago to educate myself on the Muslim faith and I have been able to see how Christian faith and Muslim faith [are] similar and different.” 

MSA in general, is a club where different groups of people, not only Muslims, come together to have discussions, and realize that they as people are more similar than different. If this club and its message interests you, make sure to attend an upcoming meeting of MSA!