Homecoming 2017 Pep Rally and Bonfire Is One to Remember!

Every year, Glenbard West bursts with school spirit and excitement as Homecoming season comes around. Students and faculty walk the decorated halls of West, bursting with decorations. This year, the theme of Homecoming was Hollywood on the Hill.  Homecoming was all the rage, yet one annual aspect of Homecoming season here at West was a key tradition: the bonfire. The bonfire followed the Homecoming Pep Rally.

The Pep Rally kicked off at around 6:00 p.m. starting with a few words from Dr. Monaghan, Principal, and Mr. Mitchell, Assistant Principal of Student Services, who introduced the fall sports at West and the Homecoming courts for all the grades. Mr. Mitchell then handed the mic off to Mr. Wiersum, English teacher, and the activities began.

The Glenbard West Cheerleading team gave an amazing performance that hyped up the entire crowd. This was then followed by one of the funniest segments throughout the whole Rally: the tricycle race. All for grades got a go, and then the staff hopped in for a go; all in all, the results were hilarious.

After these festivities, the Senior Homecoming King and Queen were announced. Congrats to Cameron Young and Ella Crowley on their win. 

After the winners were announced, the GBW Dance team did an amazing number, with some incredible moves and choreography.

Afterwards, the seniors got their time to shine. The seniors rushed from the stands in their jerseys for the Senior Flash Mob. The energy was amazing as the Class of 2018 danced along to the classics of High School Musical.

Right after, another race took place, this one even funnier than the last. It was a Jumping Unicorn race, if you can call it that, where the contestants had to hop on a unicorn across Biester, and it was incredibly amusing!

After an interesting game of Musical Chairs, the crowd cheered and stood to welcome one of Glenbard West’s greatest treasures, the Steppers. The Steppers were met with incredible applause and did not fail in their amazing performance.

Finally, before the Pep Rally itself ended, the audience got a heartwarming performance from the the Senior Moms of the Class of 2018.

Then, it was time for the bonfire. The crowd headed down the hill to Duchon, to see the traditional bonfire. It was raining and drizzling when the bonfire was lit, yet the fire still soared to an immense height, never failing to be an amazing sight. Through rain, snow, or sun, the tradition of the Bonfire still goes on, right along with the heart of Glenbard West.

The Glenbard West 2017 Bonfire and Pep Rally was an amazing event, filled with great performances, games, races, and traditions, never failing to heighten the spirit of Homecoming. From pride, to tradition, to excellence, Glenbard West carries on.