Weekly Club Spotlight: Dice-It-Up Games Club!


Ellie Ostroff

Alexandra Perez and Eowyn Keaton assemble their game board.

Ellie Ostroff, Editor-in-Chief

Every Wednesday in the Science Wing, the members of Dice-It-Up Games club congregate eagerly outside Mr. Medic’s room, joking and laughing and patiently waiting for the last eighth-period Physics students to file out so that their excitement can begin.

“It’s fun and there’s food and there’s soda,” said senior James Stelter of the club. “You know, I enjoy it.”

Fourteen years ago, like-minded Glenbard West students “wanted a game club” where they could meet to play board, card, and role-playing games, according to Mr. Medic – the club’s sponsor – in an interview. Now, approximately twelve to twenty-four students gather each week to socialize and relax while competing in their favorite games.

Ellie Ostroff
Sophomores Maggie Schillinger and Ian Yearsley play Connect Four.

Junior Ellie Young likes this club because “[y]ou can hang out with friends and play games,” such as Exploding Kittens – a “highly-strategic, kitty-powered version of Russian Roulette” according to the card game’s website.

Fellow Games Club member and Exploding Kittens fan Maddie Melton concurs with Ellie. “I just get to de-stress and calm down,” Maddie said.

Ellie Ostroff
Maddie Melton, Josh Rossy, James Stelter, and Chris English play Settlers of Catan.

Dice-It-Up Games Club is valued by senior Analise Wackrow because “[we] don’t play electronic games, we play board games, and you get to socialize [with people] more” and “interact with them face-to-face.”

Games Club “gives the kids…a place they can go every week and a chance to meet other people who share their gaming interests,” said Mr. Medic. The club fosters an open and enthusiastic environment – even offering snacks and sodas! Any students interested in joining Games Club are invited “to bring in their own favorite games” and “teach other people to play” them, according to Mr. Medic – just swing by SC301 on Wednesdays after school!