This Month’s Activities: The Mindful Space


Ellie Ostroff

The Mindful Space features a fun sign, a beautiful view, and comfy chairs!

The Mindful Space is a sectioned-off portion of the fourth floor science bridge where numerous times throughout the year, mind-centered activities are held to help students de-stress during their busy schedules.

The Mindful Space is a relatively new place available to students at Glenbard West. This year, there are many new and innovative programs that will soon be available to students through the Mindful Space.

I contacted Mrs. Mazzone, social worker interventionist and one of the adults in charge of Mindful Space lessons, to learn about this year’s plans. She stated that “we have reached out to teachers who were interested in bringing their classes to the Mindful Space.”

These classes and groups of students got to experience a 25-minute lesson taught by these Mindful Space leaders. Through these activities, they were able to participate in “stress reduction, mindful techniques, and relaxation techniques.”

At the Mindful Space, yoga mats, comfortable chairs, and an inspiring environment aids students to “recenter and be guided through meditations and the exercises listed above,” said Mrs. Mazzone

The Mindful Space’s new improvements and additions have gained positive feedback and widespread acclaim from the Glenbard student body. The Mindful Space will have weekly announcements with times in which these activities will be held.

Are you interested in meditation? Do you want to have time to release stress throughout the day? Go to the Mindful Space and look out for weekly activities coming soon!